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Studio Flat

By definition for Central London (Zone 1-2) property searches a ‘Studio Flat’ in the lower price ranges is typically ONE ROOM open plan consisting of a sleeping area/living area, kitchen area/cooking facilities and bathroom facilities.

They can be:
*SINGLE STUDIOS (single bed - intended for 1 tenant only);
*DOUBLE STUDIOS (double bed - intended for 2 people – generally a couple); *TWIN/TRIPLE STUDIOS (2/3 single beds intended for 2/3 people – sharers). Many studios are in Victorian converted buildings where large rooms have been converted into studios and have had kitchen & bathroom facilities added.

The more expensive STUDIO FLATS may have separate kitchen, separate bathroom or both – (generally these will be slightly more expensive to rent.) Please note a SELF CONTAINED studio will mean you have all your own facilities and do not share; some less expensive studios may ask that you share particular facilities (typically WC) – these properties are however still considered to be STUDIOS by Landlords in the London Market Place. In London Zone's 3-6 as the demand is less you can get more value for your money and most studios over £120 pwk are likely to have their own separate kitchen and bathroom/shower.



A 'Bedsit' by London definition is a combined Bedroom and Sitting Room in one (hence the term 'Bedsit'); it will be ONE ROOM open plan with a bed/sleeping area and kitchenette/cooking facilities – bathroom facilities will be outside the Bedsit room and will be shared with the tenants of the neighbouring bedsits. Many bedsits are in Victorian converted buildings where the rooms have had cooking facilities added to create bedsits. Size, layout and condition will vary from property to property.

The typical Bedsits are as follows:
*SINGLE BEDSIT (with single bed – intended for 1 tenant)
*DOUBLE BEDSIT (with double bed – intended for 2 people – generally a couple)
*TWIN/TRIPLE STUDIO (with 2/3 single beds – intended for 2/3 single tenants – generally sharers).



One of the most popular forms of accommodation for living in central London areas is the FLATSHARE or HOUSESHARE. In this form of accommodation you will be renting either a SINGLE ROOM (intended for 1 tenant), a DOUBLE ROOM (intended for 2 tenants – generally a couple) or a TWIN ROOM (two single beds – intended for 2 sharers). You will have a private room, and will share a full size kitchen, full size bathroom – and normally a communal lounge area (though in some flats in London the lounge may have been converted into an additional bedroom).


1-6 Bedroom Flats/Houses

Any 1/2/3/4/5 or 6 Bedroom Flat or House will consist of the corresponding number of bedrooms (single or double), kitchen, bathroom – and any additional facilities/rooms – ie: lounge room, dining room, study, garden, patio, balcony, attic/storage area and so on.


Short Term Let

A SHORT TERM LET by London definition is any letting which is LESS THAN A 6 MONTH TERM. Generally a Landlord will charge more for a short let in Central London areas as they do not have the ongoing guarantee of income from the rent for the extended term of a lease. There are generally two types of SHORT LET's. The first is general flats/studios/flatshares where the Landlord is willing to do a Short Let. This type of Let is NOT BOOKABLE and depends on what is available at the time you are looking. The Deposit and Rent in Advance varies but can be as little as One Week's Deposit PLUS One Week's Rent in Advance.

The second type of SHORT LET properties that Flatland offers are the more expensive Luxury Serviced Apartments. This type of Short Let IS BOOKABLE in advance and generally can be regarded as an alternative facility to booking a Hotel.


Long Term Let

A LONG TERM LET by London definition is any lease which is 6 MONTHS OR MORE. This is the most common form of Lease Agreement for London Rentals and will generally require 1 Month's Deposit and 1 Month's Rent in Advance prior to moving in (this does however vary depending on the Landlord and some are flexible on this factor).


Luxury Let

Flatland offers Luxury Lets for both Short and Long Term Let.