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Use the search fields below to find examples of Studios, Rooms and Flats in the Victorian houses on our website or visit the Viewings Page for available listings. Please begin the 3 Month Subscription for contact information and appointments to view London rental Flats, Studios and Rooms. Click on the appointment services tab above. You can also contact us by phone or email for a free consultation and to check availability.  For contact details of out of London/rest of UK properties you can (1) use the search fields below (2) click on the blue box on the right of home page or use the site map for the relevant towns and cities.
For greater control try the "Advanced Search" tab above and search London Flat, Studio, Room examples in the Victorian houses that we work with by inserting weekly rent and outside London/rest of UK by inserting monthly rent. 

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Once you have signed up for the 3 month Subscription, you will have unlimited Landlord contact info/appointments for up to three months. We provide you with a special membership Hotline telephone number, open from 10am - 7pm (Monday - Friday) and Saturday from 10am - 5pm. You can call as often as you like to get more Landlord contacts/ appointments from our customer services. We would always advise you to contact us on the day that you wish to have appointments, so that you receive the most up to date advertised property listings. We provide a free daily viewing list which can be requested by sending an email to info@flatland.co.uk or filling in a web form on Flatland. You can check availability by calling 0207 112 9399 or 0782 7702 999


Tenants Agreement

Flatland is not a letting/estate agent. Flatland is a platform for long and short rental accommodation on which Landlords advertise their vacancies to let. Flatland does not take instructions from Landlords regarding the letting of their property and does not do any of the work for the Landlord i.e. Flatland does not do the tenancy contracts, any references required or the inventories, and does not collect the rent. Flatland does not view the properties. Flatland does not accompany you to view the vacancies. Flatland does not receive commission in the rent from the landlords who advertise on the Flatland platform. Flatland does not take instructions from tenants/potential tenants in their search for housing. Subscribers are given contact details of Landlords who advertise on the www.Flatland.co.uk platform and appointments are available to view with the Landlord or their assistants.

Method of Payment: Debit/Credit Card

1 Person Subscription £61.50
2+ Person Subscription £71.50

This is a contract for a 3 month Subscription.

In consideration for your subscription, Flatland agrees to:
(a) Give you Contacts to landlords / landlord agents advertising on the flatland website.
(b) Make appointments for you to view properties on the Flatland website within your stated budget.

This Subscription period is for for three months. The subscription is non-refundable. It is your responsibility to contact Flatland when you wish to have Landlord contacts/appointments on the membership hotline telephone number given to you on your WorldPay confirmation email. We will ask you for your transaction ID so it is a good idea to keep this with you

Flatland is not a management agent and does not have control over the properties. The budget market is fast moving and we therefore require that you telephone 020 7112 9399 or 0782 7702 999 to check availability before paying. When you have paid, you will be emailed a membership hotline telephone number with your receipt and receipt number. The properties on this website are typical examples of the properties in the 3-5 storey Victorian Houses that we work with but may not specifically be available to rent when you require.


I confirm that I have been shown Flatland’s current list prior to entering this agreement and have telephoned the availability telephone number above to check availability before paying. I agree to retain Flatland to give me Landlord contacts and make appointments on my behalf on the above terms. I understand that Flatland does not take instructions from Landlords regarding the letting of their property and is a platform on which Landlords advertise. I also understand that Flatland does not take instructions from tenants/potential tenants in their search for housing.


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