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About Us

Established in 1971, Flatland is a Platform for Residential Accommodation where Landlords advertise their vacancies to let. Flatland advertises Studios to rent from £100 per week, Bedsits from £100 per week, Flats from £230 per week and Flatshares from £90 per week in most areas of Central London. Click here for Latest Updates Please note that some properties advertised on this site may not be available when you require, as a notice period is given before a property is available to rent.

Since 1971, Flatland has been used by thousands of Landlords who advertise their vacancies in the areas of Central London, Zones 1 & 2 plus Zone 3. These Landlords advertise their vacancies with Flatland on a daily basis, therefore our platform is constantly changing as new flats, studios and rooms become available. When you begin a Three Month Subscription, Flatland can provide contact information to Landlords that advertise on the platform. There is no limit to the number of Landlord contacts you can have in a day.

Once you have chosen your ideal flat, you don't come back to Flatland. You deal directly with the Landlords who organise the contracts, collect any references required, and you pay your deposit and rent directly to the Landlord. Flatland is not a letting agent and as you deal directly with the Landlord, there is no commission charged on the rent, so we can ensure you pay the cheapest price possible for your flat.

This site also provides a free contact service for properties OUTSIDE of London.

Reviews from our Customers

“Dear Mike and Flatland team, I'm still happily living in West Ken in what is a family-run property, where some of the tenants have been there for years. I tell all my friends about how Mike set up 6 viewings for me on one daytrip to London. The room has everything and the rent is fair. Kind regards John”
    . "I'm really happy with service after 2 viewings I found my perfect place. The landlord is lovely and rent is reasonable priced. Flatland will email you a list everyday of properties available and if you ring over the phone and tell them your housing needs/criteria they will help pick suitable accommodation for viewings. I will be happy to use this service again in the near future and do recommend flatland in helping find perfect property.”
      “Very helpful and professional service, found a flat in 2 days in a very good location, lovely studio with cheap monthly rent. Satisfied with the agency and will definitely use it in the future.”
      “Flatland is ALWAYS my one stop shop for my flats in London hands down. I forgot who helped me but he'd been with flatland for ages and was super helpful!”
      “I had got a very positive experience with Flatland recently. I was in a really bad situation then I asked some help from this agency. I just broke up with my boyfriend then and I felt I need to move away from his place as soon as possible. I went to Flatland which my ex-boyfriend had recommended me and who had actually, also a really good experience with them.
    On the first day I told to Mike what was my situation and what kind of property I was looking for and what was my budget. On that day I viewed four studios. Unfortunately none of them was the best option for me so I phone back on the next day and he started to check what were the options for that day what I can view. For the third call he could speak with my present landlady and I could view that on the same day. I love that for the first time, so I took it almost straight away.
    So in total Flatland found me my dream studio for my budget in two days. I am a really satisfied customer who had got a perfect and kind service. Many thanks for Flatland and for Mike. Highly recommended for all of my friends who need some help to find the best place to live. Thanks, Szilvia”
      “My experience with flatland was positive. I received their e-mail on the available properties everyday and during my calls they always updated me with the availabilities around. I would suggest it to a friend.”
      “I phoned the Flatland Office by 10am and asked for a few viewings. I checked out some houses and at 4pm I called Flatland to get more viewing since I needed a house that day. I got two more viewing on the phone, so in total I saw 5 houses that day. I got the last one I viewed at 7pm. I loved how quickly Flatland helped me out finding a house and how they actually look for something according to your preferences. And I've already recommended it to a couple of friends!”
      “Myra did a great job recommending the central London available properties and landlords. Was very satisfied with her prompt response.”
      “I phoned early in the morning (10 am), and Aliette welcomed me well.She speaks French so it was a nice surprise because I am French.She found me 10 viewings of self-contained flats. So the day after, I could rent a flat which match with my criteria.It was a fast and efficient service.However, before coming to flatland, I think you must have an idea of what type of property you are looking for and what is your budget in order for flatland to make a selection of all the properties available that suit your requirements”
      “Flatland was the third flat letting agency that I investigated and the one I choose to use in my search for a flat in central London. All the agencies were about the same price and Flatland had the most properties for me to go view. The agent I dealt with was very helpful and set-up as many properties as he could find for me to view. All the properties are reasonable and I was able to choose a place to live by the second day of my search. I would recommend Flatland to someone looking for a flat. Just looking at online ads was worthless.”
      “I've come back to the UK after MANY years, and wasn't sure about the ins and outs. Mike was knowledgeable and understood my requirements. He also pointed out the differences between landlord requirements (vs mine) to me, so was able to point me in the right direction. It was all done within 24 hours!”
      “Myles listened to everything I needed and wanted and found me several flats to view that day, even though I had started the service at 1pm. He explained how everything worked and was very friendly, which put me at ease.”
      “I was looking for a place where I can move in asap. After receiving the daily viewing list from flatland by email, I called them to get the telephone number for the landlord. The staff in flatland was very helpful and gave me the contact details for all the landlords I would like to contact for. Surprisingly, I got the flat and moved in on the same day. I am very pleased so far with the location, condition and the price of my flat. I will definitely recommend flatland to my friends or anyone who is looking for a flat to rent in London in the future.”
      “Firstly I am so happy that I found flatland, that was exactly what I was looking for the quickest way to find what I wanted, I got my flat within 2 days, secondly I did pay a lot less than what you usually need to pay to an agency when you sign up a contract. So far best move I have ever done in London, you I ask why! Cause I got a flat which is stone throw to my work place, and at last but not least Mike was so friendly with us and he provided us with every tiny details.”
      “The staff member (Myra) recommended the flat which was over my budget for rent. But after viewing I liked it very much, and finally I chose it. If I looked for flats by myself, I couldn't find that one. She completely understood what I needed. Thank you so much.”
      “I really like the agency because viewings were arranged within minutes and within just a few hours I had viewed properties all over London. The service if friendly and efficient, and has great connections with lovely landlords and ladies. I appreciate all there help, as I had to find somewhere to live in a week and I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you flatland!”
      “I must say that I was initially hesitant to approach Flatland, as I was trying to avoid using an agent if at all possible. However I am very pleased that I did.Flatland were excellent. From my first conversations I was given information on numerous properties and their staff were always ready and willing to help with further assistance over the phone.I found the regular property email updates incredibly useful.
    On the whole I found the service offered by Flatland to be nothing short of brilliant. I will happily recommend them to friends and family and will definitely be using them in the future when considering moving homes.”
      “Good service, really useful the auto-response mail with the list of the propriety available.  Mike is a really polite person; I will recommend the agency in the future.”
      “Thank you Flatland, finally a practical, quick and effective service for renting in London. Despite the payment comes before the viewing, the service is easy and smooth enough to be worth to pay. I saved time and I found the right place in 3 days and a landlord I can be satisfied of. Cheers!”
      “I was very happy with the friendliness, efficiency and value for money of Flatland. Liked their combination of lo- and hi-tech. Have already recommended them to friends and will use them again.”
      “I'm very happy with the service I got. I found the staff very kind and helpful and these were the first agents I've come across that we\'re not trying to convince me to get an expensive flat. I was looking for something rather specific and I found a place in less than two weeks. I also pay way less than I expected. I'm surely going to use this agency in the future.”
      “I just want to thank to Mike for all his help, he did a great job, very kind and always helpful. I would really recommend Flatland to everyone. Thanks very much, I\'m very happy.”
      “I had a very pleasant experience using Flatland\'s services. I needed to find a studio very quickly, and Myra helped me by giving me details of landlords in the area of North London I was interested in. I felt that I could trust her recommendations of landlords. Within a week I found a studio of one of the recommended landlords and signed a contract.”
      “This is the only agency (as far I know) that appear not to have the only priority in making money out of poor people who do not have a place to stay. The fees are reasonable and the staff is helpful. This is a unique way of searching for a property and I have found the flat within a couple of days. I have recommended this agency to my friends and will definitely start my next hunt for the flat there. Misho”
      “After looking for weeks on Gumtree, Zoopla etc without result (flat seeking in autumn on a budget is not easy) I contacted Flatland almost out of desperation. Even though I phoned quite late, I was given the opportunity to see several flats that same day. I\'m now living comfortably in a nice area. Lovely service and I would not have ended up here without Flatland.”
      “We are two girls and we were looking for a cheap double room to take quickly. We registered with Flatland with Myra. At the moment of the registration she found for us three viewings in the area of our interest and a fourth one for the day after. Myra was so kind and helpful and gave us all the details about the properties we were viewing. So as we finished talking to the agency we had three new opportunities to find the flat we were looking for. I suggested Flatland to a friend of mine so as I was suggested by another girl!”
      “After a very bad experience with another agency I phoned flatland disbelieving that they would be able to help me. From the start they were really friendly and in no time they sent me to a number of viewings. Communication throughout was excellent and they made me feel like they were really interested in helping me find my new home.”
      “Very organised system when registering with the agency. The member of staff (unfortunately, cannot remember her name) was very helpful and provided lots of useful information regarding the area. I didn’t fully utilize the services of the agency as I took the first flat I viewed.”
      “The agent\'s service was very good. This is the second time I am using their services. I am very pleased because in both times I found a property in the area I wanted and in the budget I wanted.”
      “I was looking for a property to rent. After a few days searching by myself I decided to ask for a help. Finding a flat in London is not easy and unfortunately there are a lot of bad and expensive properties so I went to flatland to ask for that help. 
    They did not charge a lot for the service and now I am really happy for going to them. All the personal of the staff were really kind and fast. They put me in contacts with landlords and arranged viewings around the areas that I was interested to live. 
    In four days I founded my studio. I will move the first of July thanks to their help. I recommend them service to everybody who is looking for a place. They have lots for all kind of budgets.”
      “I went to see Flatland regarding budget properties, as, due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to arrange somewhere to live within a week. I gave them information regarding my budget and preferences, and the agent was really helpful in suggesting places that fit my criteria, plus several places that I possibly would not have considered myself (one of which I am now renting!). The agent spent a good deal of time with me, had excellent knowledge regarding the various landlords, and organised a viewing straight away, with 3 other viewings booked for the following day, and clear instructions given as to who to see and directions of how to get there. Definitely worth the small fee (which was half that of similar services) in order to get my living arrangements sorted out!”
Historical Flatland Pictures from the 70's