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Use the search fields below to find advertisements of Studios, Rooms and Flats in the Victorian houses on our website or visit the 'Latest Ads' Page in the menu for Latest listings. Please begin the 3 Month Subscription for contact and content information of London rentals, Flats, Studios and Rooms. Click on the 3 Month Subscription tab above. You can also contact our customer services by phone or email for a free consultation.  For contact details of out of London/rest of UK properties you can (1) use the search fields below (2) click on the blue box on the right of home page or use the site map for the relevant towns and cities.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q    How do I start using Flatland?
A    You can receive a free telephone consultation with customer services 020 7112 9399 or visit the 'Buy Our 3 Month Subscription' page for a comprehensive description of how to start using the platform.

Q    We are not a letting/estate agent and how does Flatland work?
A    Flatland is a Content Subscription Platform. It is not a letting/estate agent. Flatland does not take instructions from Landlords regarding the letting of their property, neither does Flatland take instructions from Subscribers if they are searching for accommodation.

The Flatland three month subscription is not made in connection with a tenancy or a particular property, but is a subscription to the Flatland website for Landlord contacts/ website content over three months.

Flatland does not accompany you to view the properties, or organise the tenancy contract. Once you have accepted a Landlords advertised property, all of the documents (including proof of income and identity) will be completed directly with the Landlord. The rent and deposit will be paid directly to the Landlord.

Flatland does not charge commission within or in addition to the rent on the advertised properties. Letting/estate agencies charge between 10% and 20% of the rent in addition to the Landlord. Flatland is a Content Subscription Platform and therefore no management fees and letting commission is required for Landlords to pay, unlike letting/estate agencies. Landlords can advertise properties on the platform for free. This is why Flatland is a Landlord favourite and has so many properties advertised!

There are thousands of Landlords who advertise their properties with Flatland. The majority of London Landlords who advertise with Flatland own 3-5 storey Victorian houses, which are converted into studios and flats. The properties on this website are typical of the properties in the 3-5 storey Victorian Houses but may not specifically be available to rent when you require. To check availability please go to the Buy Our 3 Month Subscription Page where you will find a direct telephone number to customer services ( 020 7112 9399 ) and a link to the Latest Ads .

Q    What is the 3 Month subscription for?
A    The subscription that Flatland charges is for three months access to Subscriber content on the website and contacts to Landlords who advertise properties on the platform. Flatland does not charge any commission in addition to your rent, and does not manage the properties - that is done directly by the Landlord. Flatland is not a letting/estate agent and does not receive any management fees or Letting commission from the Landlord. Once you choose a property, you deal directly with the Landlord and pay the rent and deposit to the Landlord.

Q    What does it cost?
A    The only payment is a 3 Month Subscription, which enables you to access website content and Landlord contact information for three months, who advertise properties on the platform. Flatland does not charge any finders fees, administration costs or commission in your rent.
        For one person looking:    £61.50 (Three Month Subscription)
        For two or more:              £71.50 (Three Month Subscription)
Please go to the 'Buy Our 3 Month Subscription' page.

Q    Which areas do you cover?
A    Landlords advertise their vacancies on the Flatland platform and is popular with Landlords in central zones 1 & 2. However, there are also properties advertised in zones 3 - 9 and in other cities across the UK. Often the further you go from the centre, the more space you get for your money.

Q    How long will it take to find accommodation?
A    How quickly you find accommodation will dependend on what you like and require. It also depends on how much time you have to go to viewings. Many of the properties advertised on the platform are available immediately. It is possible to move into a property on the same day, if you have your proof of income and identity documents available. You have unlimited access to Landlord contact information and website content.

Q    Why are your properties so cheap?
A    Flatland does not charge commission within or in addition to the rent as it is not a letting/estate agent. Flatland is a content subscription platform. Landlords advertise their properties on the platform for you to contact directly. Flatland has developed relationships with Landlords for over 48 years. Fore more information, please view About US

Q    How many property advertisements can I see?
A    All content on the website is available to subscribers of the Three Month Subscription. Subscribers may access unlimited website content relating to properties advertised by Landlord on the platform.

Q    Who can Subscribe?
A    The 3 Month Sucbscription is available for persons looking for housing, tradesman seeking work, inventory companies and the creative industries.

Q    Does Flatland have a refund policy?
A    Flatland has a refund policy. The subscription is non-refundable if you have begun our 3 Month Subscription and have received Landlord contact details. If you have not received Landlord contacts within 7 days of starting the 3 Month Subscription, then you are entitled to a full refund on the condition that you have notified us to cancel your subscription within the seven day period, otherwise your subscription will continue for the three months.

Q    What standard of accommodation should I expect?
A    When looking for accommodation in central London (Zones 1&2) you will need to be realistic with your expectations about what you can get for your budget. If you look in Zones 3 to 6, you will generally get more for your money, as the demand is less.

London is rated the third most expensive city in the world and you will not get the same value for money as you may get in other countries and cities. (For example, in Australia it is possible to rent a three bedroom home with a garden for £120 - 150 per week - For £120 in London, you will be able to afford a Semi Studio, flatshare or a single studio with kitchenette and shower.

Q    What is the best time to rent a property?
A    London is a very expensive city for accommodation, particularly in Zones 1&2. Many thousands of students arrive every autumn from all over the world to begin educational courses and therefore the property market can be very competitive, in the £90-£250 per week bracket. September and October are the busiest months: with the demand rents can increase by up to 10%. In comparison, in June rents can drop by 10% as students go home for the summer and people move away from London for the summer.